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Cartas a mamá

I am slow

I need time

To process thoughts

To build and model them



Living 9000Kms away from my mom — because I chose it — has made me readapt and live a different kind of relationship

Anyways relationships are always changing

We have had technology in our hands to remain very close in spite of the distance


Are so important


Create our realities



In this seemingly unorganized text I am knitting the evolution of my creative work. How my quest to heal the unspoken, turn inside, remains my (almost) self psycho analytical practice. How words have gained and keep on taking more and more presence not only in my work but in my daily living, as I carefully crochet the words that keep me anchored.


Letters to Mom are a recollection of words and textures about happiness, pride, heartbreak, loneliness, love.


A life away.

A life, a way.

Two ways.

Thousands of ways.


May you not be able to read my private and sometimes silly texts hidden as love messages to my beloved mother.

Given the nature of this project, it is an ongoing collection of pieces that will be added accordingly.

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