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1983. Bucaramanga, Colombia

Colombian born and raised, I am currently living in Idar Oberstein.


It was in 2011 when I started learning goldsmithing techniques in a private jewelry studio under the guidance of Laura Oviedo in Bogotá to communicate through jewelry as an artistic expression. My desire to explore jewelry in a deeper context led me to pursue a master’s study in Gemstone and Jewelry Design in Germany founded by a DAAD scholarship and graduating in March 2018. Upon graduation I started working in a chain factory in the production area. Currently I am designing for the same company as well as relaunching my own brand for jewelry that connects and inspires women.


Jewelry has revolutionized my life, because as I acquire more experience in making, I have discovered that it is much more than my voice. It is a mirror that strips my soul and shows me, through time, reflections from the depths of my being, that otherwise I could not make conscious nor would I be able to describe with words. This has turned into an active conversation, which has led me to redefine my identity by questioning and then embracing what I had considered my feminine perspective.

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