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The Lippy Collection was awarded a Red Dot Award

The chains are computer modeled, 3D printed, cast, and finally assembled and finished by hand. It is an innovative design inspired by the traditional curb chain but with women in mind. However, it is not only aimed at one gender.


Each link is a pair of lips, with a simple, striking and elegant design. Additionally, chains of different sizes can be assembled, its movement is fluid and its weight makes it adapt very well to the body. Finally, from one single link, necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings can be fabricated, creating a full array of choices: a jewelry collection.

If you are interested in the chains you can write me to ask for prices and the different options we can design. 

Sizes are XL, L, M and S. And earrings, rings, chains and pins can be built. You can order them with curve or flat. For the chains the best option is the design with curve (Cuban Chain).

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