Beauty is Work

Sequences of morning makeup routine. March 2016

These photos are part of my research for my master's studies. For which I chose the subject of Gender Violence, specifically RAPE. The core of this project is based on a story about my family, a taboo. Nevertheless, the way I approached its development was political. During my research I was looking outside of me: seeking for concepts, definitions and arguments. But as it turns out, it took me completely inside, thus the personal became political.

Sequences of Red. March 2016

Sequences of morning makeup routine. March 2016

This research has given me awareness of my own concepts. It has worked, in a way, as a healing therapy from the ideal of womanhood, from sexism, from myself and from the outer world. I have experienced and felt womanhood in a male dominating society. I was given many labels that described what it was and what it meant to be a woman, and I had to fit within them. Nevertheless, due to this quest for understanding why it was important for me to work with gender inequality, I am connected with being a woman more than ever, and more in my flesh. So this indeed became a story of self-discovery and was enhanced by what lies within women; but it started with me, after questioning what was my perspective as a woman. I emphasize on me being a woman, not intending to disregard other gender identities, but to acknowledge and validate me through me and what it means to me: in other words I started identifying myself.

Selection of sequences of Beauty is Pain. March 2016

I strove to make the subject, object: objectifying feelings and concepts; this is why trauma when is verbalized loses its power over us. I am plasticizing pain by making it an object and subtly, trying to erase the limits of our stereotypes by altering the correct* terminology of gender and morphology to which we have become accustomed. 

*Correct does not imply it is the right and only terminology.