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This project was developed for the yearly exhibition of Schmuck partaken alongside Astonish. We experimented how to truly exalt the beauty of imperfection and continue to purposely develop and research the disruption in order to create by weaving together a captivating fusion of tools, discussions, and materials.

I am very tactile and I always seek to imbue what I do with my essence. You could ask me — how do you impregnate a technological system with your humanity? —. I think it is one of those things you experience when you are an artist, you shape yourself into objects, media, words, you infuse everything you touch with your ideas and your style. That is how I found my glitch, which is a software error and from which I also learned, to such an extent that I no longer see it as an error. And once I understood what I was doing, why it happened and what variables I used, I allowed myself to experiment and the results surprised me. No, I wouldn't know how to answer to you, other than to tell you that experimenting and going through the uncertain creative process is what allows me to unfold myself in the objects I create.

Richer and more complex explorations technically and aesthetically with the use of CAD programs.
Series of Glitch, brooches and earrings with mixed materials and techniques. 
February 2024

My work has been acquiring more technical depth and precision, the more I learn 3D programs. It has been a fun and creative process, that requires me to solve the piece before I have it in my hand. This has exploded my creativity and allowed me to experiment beyond my expectations. Because I am imprinting my essence into a screen and into the objects I am imagining, I have started seeing all technology as tools, much as if they were a hammer. 

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