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Women affected by rape suffer a psychic trauma that is silenced. Trauma is an excessive psychic disturbance. Thus, a work of reconstruction must be done: a recollection of thoughts to reawaken the memories, to re-develop the speech, because traumas have no form. To heal is to become aware, consciously, of the feelings and memories that were forgotten in order to be able to elaborate the conflicts that were lived. From the psychological perspective, artistic work that deals with trauma is relevant in the sense that it is evoking sensations. Form works as signification of trauma because objects evoke. The artist makes an integration of those unpleasant sensations that could never have a symbol before and creates. 

My artistic work is focused on gender inequality. At the beginning, my intention was directed towards creating jewelry as a tribute to women affected by violence. However, as time went by I realized that we face being women and our sexuality as a taboo in a predominantly patriarchal society. Opposite to the objects pornography elevates, I am empowering humans by giving them agency over the objects I am creating. Trying to erase subtlety the limits of our stereotypes by linking seemingly opposing concepts: playfulness and toxicity, passion and death, beauty and brokenness, enflowering penises and rockyfying vulvas.

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